Friday, March 26, 2010

Last weekend I spent the day dyeing eggs with onion skins. I started by taking a walk in the woods looking for plants to put on the eggs, adding some of my house plants and herbs. I used raw eggs, washed them with water and vinegar, placed the plant on the egg then wrapped the egg with a square of nylon stocking (or you could use cheese cloth) using a twisty to hold it on the back. I filled a stainless steel pan (or glass) with water and a few tablespoons of vinegar. Next I put in a lot of onion skins and the eggs. I simmered them for about a hour and left them to cool. After they cooled I carefully took off the nylon and plant and lightly rinsed them. When they dried completely I rubbed on some vegetable oil. I did this about 13 years ago and used the eggs every year and just threw them away this year. I stored them in my basement and brought them out at Easter, cleaning them up with a little oil. If you want to eat your eggs, simmer the onion skins first then carefully add the eggs and cook for about 15 minutes.
Other great dyes for eggs are turmeric, beets, blueberries and raspberries.

Some of the eggs, I love the fern on the center egg.

The basket I keep them in looks like a bird nest with the green moss.

I also made my girlfriend a basket full.

The wool rabbit table mat was from a commercial pattern. I appliqued this with my natural dyed wool a few years ago.

I finished quilting my wool herb/plant quilt. It's machine quilted, it was so hard to keep the wool from stretching and moving, even having it well pinned and using my walking and free motion foot, it was a pain to quilt. I should have hand quilted it.

I love this quilting design for triangles, it make the quilt look "perky". I mark the bottom center with a dot and then free motion the loops starting with the center, doing one side then the other.

My friend Mary made this wall hanging. She used a picture she took with her camera (the center picture of the iris), transferred it to fabric, then with a "kaleidoscope" program on her computer she manipulated the iris into 12 different kaleidoscope blocks. Printed them onto the fabric. She then pieced them into this wall hanging.

A close up of some of the blocks.


Melodie said...

That is a cool quilt! And I love the eggs. I was cleaning veggies this a.m. and the sieve I washed them in dripped purple on the drain board after doing the radishes! Would they work for coloring ya think?

Deb H said...

Oooo your eggs are pretty again. Justlikethe ones that started it all.

I love how your little wool quilt turned out. It is so beautiful.

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