Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day???

Happy Earth Day?? I guess the Earth may be a little happy, we are trying. Hopefully, we will all try a little more.
I've been thinking about making a "earthy" story quilt for quite awhile and now seemed like the perfect time. I started this piece last night, it's the beginning of my first block. I want to capture nature as the seasons change, as seen through my back window. Each block will be sewed by hand using fabrics I already have.
The first block begins with a hand-marbled piece my daughter made when she was 14. we were playing around with marbling fabrics when she designed this, we called it "Twilight-the first Star". I've always loved it. It represents the earth in my block.
The background is a piece of hand batiked fabric I bought in the Bahamas. The Native Americans call North America "Turtle Island" and the Earth is the back of a huge turtle. My Earth is happily living with many turtles and a few fish.
I think this Earth needs my 4 grandsons wishing on the 1st. star, I'll add that tonight.

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Deb H said...

Sweet! & not only happy EarthDay, but Happy Birthday!! Sorry I'm late as usual!!!

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