Thursday, August 16, 2007

Natural dyed wool quilt

Wool dyed with cochineal (chopped up female insects of tropical America). Cream, plaid wool over dyed, yarn, wool in the first dye batch, yarn after the dye is almost exhausted.

Indigo dyed, left to right, wool fabric, wool yarn, wool yarn first dyed with onion skins than over dyed with indigo (a beautiful turquoise, with shading of the colors), wool yarn first dyed with onion skins than overdyed with indigo, quickly put in the bath and taken right out.

Some of my wool fabrics.

This quilt was made with all natural dyed wool. Deb and I dyed it together (and learned together) when she was living in Michigan. She is my favorite dying partner. Whenever we get together, we still do some type of fabric dying. Each block in this quilt was made as my husband and I traverled around the country in our RV. Each block represents some of our favorite sites. Some represent Alaska, we flew there , then camped and traveled with our friends, Deb and Warren Hardman. As we traveled I worked on the blocks, she worked on hers. Now, I hand quilt it when we are traveling and camping. I have the outside boarders left to do. The boarders represent the 4 seasons in our yard and all of the critters living there. I'll be sad when this quilt is finished, I'll miss working on it, although I am beginning another one.

Top boarder, winter with snowflakes, chickadees, and holly leaves and berries.

Bottom boarder, spring time.


Deb H said...

Ooooo Kathy, it's turned out so beautiful! Way better than mine! I Love, LOVE , Love it!

I recognise the mountains behind the inlet with the whale & otters. I remember all the time we spent working on our wool together in the van while toodeling around Alaska. I wish we could do it again!

Your new wools are looking gorgeous too, & I like the table runner under your basket. Can I tell you how much I miss you, & playing with you? You are always so inspiring!

Waltraud said...

Just found your blog, your quilt is so beautiful and the new wools - wonderful!

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