Tuesday, August 21, 2007

African wax batiking

    • Thursday I'm going (the other side of the state) to teach a 3 day workshop on African wax batiking. In 2000, I was fortunate to spend a week with "chief" from Ghanna, Africa who taught me to batik. When he left, he gave me all of his hand-carved stamps. The following are some of my quilts I made with my batiked fabrics. Next week I'll show some of my students work.
Batik sampler. This quilt is a sampler of many of my hand carved stamps. I dyed the lattice strips at the same time as I was batiking.
Kenya, Africa 2002. I made this quilt after my trip to Kenya. The white, blue and gold background fabric I batiked. I bought the center "maasai" batik panel, giraffe, hut fabrics while in Africa. Also, the hand-carved stone elephant beads.

Lizard table runner, Nigerian symbol.

My newest quilt, the purple and gold batik are Nigerian symbols. The mask panel a friend brought me from Ghanna, Africa. The right side outer boarder is traditional quilt fabric. I dyed the yellow lattice strips as I did the batiking.

This is a hand carved door my son-in-law gave me from Nigeria. The top panel is a pineapple, then an elephant, then another pineapple. Someday is will be installed in our dinning room to my garage.

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Deb H said...

Thanks for posting these Kathy. I should bring you here to teach a class too! That means I'll have to volunteer at guild again!

I recognize everything, but I don't remember seeing the completed quilt on the one with the houses. I love your work, but then you knew that already!

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