Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Batik class photos

My hand-carved stamps which we use for the class. Pine needles from Africa which we use to splash little spots of wax on.

Ernestine applying wax to her fabric.

Beth putting her waxed fabric in its first dye pot.

Debra doing a African technique called squeezing with squitters fill with left over dye.

Some of the steps to batik fabric, white fabric with 1st. wax, dyed with green, waxed again and dyed with blue, then wax boiled out.

Some of the finished fabrics, their all dripping wet, they will have more contrast when they are dry.

Wet fabrics, this wall was a great place to photograph the fabrics, except they cling to it.

Yasmin (sp?) with her mother rinsing out fabric.

Wet fabric, which I believe when dry, is a plum color.

Rubbing off left over wax after boiling and rinsing with cold water.

A piece of my faric, dry, that I batiked a while ago.

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Deb H said...

Well I see what you meant by not being dry decreases the contrast, but I get the idea of what they'll be, & I think they'll be beautiful. I really love your piece at the end. One of the designs looked a lot like moose tracks to me. I'm thinking I sould mold some moose tracks from my yard, the next time I get a good set!

It looks like you had nice weather.

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