Monday, August 13, 2007

New plants, new colors

Madder root make a wonderful salmon color dye on wool, the dye will go along way.

This yarn was first dyed with onion skins than overdyed with madder root, it has wonderful color variations (in real life), it has the same colors as the snap dragons.

Some people have moose and bear walking around their yards, I have "Peter". He is not afraid, and is always with me as I am dying my wool. He ate all my sunflowers but does not like the taste of wool (hits too close to home).

Last month my family came home and we all went camping, the picture is of me teaching the youngest grandkids how to make sand castles. They liked hitting them with their sticks best.

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Deb H said...

Oh Kathy, this is so much fun seeing what you're doing. I do miss the dying with you.

Your day at the beach with the boys looks like fun.& You look darn good for a granny!

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