Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My first natural dyed wool quilt.

The wool fabric I used in this quilt was natural dyed from1994-1997, when my girlfriend Deb Hardman and I first began learning/experimenting with natural dyes. In 1999 as my husband and I traveled the United States in our RV, I designed and hand appliqued different blocks from our wilderness adventures. When we came home I pieced the tree and star blocks and hand quilted it all. The boarders represent the four seasons of plants and critters living in our yard. The dyes have mellowed some in the last 20 years but it has been in continuous use in our cold months and I have machined washed it. I have been careful not leaving it in the sun. This quilt has so many wonderful memories sewed into it from gathering the plants, dyeing with them, our travels, family, friends and home. It's a treasure to me.

A section of the winter boarder,

with snowflakes and holly.

Spring with robins and a nest.

Part of the Autumn boarder.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful quilt....one of my favorite that you have done!! I am sure this is a treasure, esp. because of hand dying the colors and working on it while you traveled. It looks cozy and warm for use in the colder months. Happy to see it! See you soon, Deb C

Susan Lenz said...

The natural motifs are so perfect with the natural dyed fabric! So pretty! It looks comfy too! Thanks for the comment on my blog too! Susan

Deb Hardman said...

Lots of memories for me there too! Reminds me a lot of its sister quilt on my bed! I love the borders especially !,

Peggy said...

Oh my heavens, Kathy, it is gorgeous! The color, the detail and best of all, your memories. A feast. xx

Anonymous said...

Can feel the love and work you put into this masterpiece. Truly memories on fabric. You are,so gifted with your fingers and needle.:) dn

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. Deb H. I love it's sister quilt, mine was inspired by yours!
Peggy, lots of stitching memories in the quilt as we were camping through out Colorado.

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