Monday, June 12, 2017

Full Strawberry Moon

Every Friday (if there are no interruptions) Spring though Fall I go to the Lake and quilt for a few hours. I invited my grandson who loves to fish to go with me. He fishes while I quilt.
What a special time we're having.

Last Friday was the Full Strawberry Moon.
I appliqued and quilted a moon block which will be added to my moon journal quilt.

This strawberry moon had a fish and pole memory stitched on it.

All the moon/sun blocks in my journal, all with Full moon memories, with more coming. Someday I'll stitch it all together. Just pinned to the wall now.

"So we are connected to the moon. That gives us power, a connection to the Earth and the moon, men don't know about."
Cecilia Mitchell

The Elders tell us that the women has access to special powers. The Earth Mother give her love in a Special way to the Woman. She uses these power to nurture, heal and guide the people.


Anonymous said...

Love the moon with your sweet little fisherman in it! Very special memories for sure! I intended to see the moon in Mackinaw, but fell asleep too soon! I figured there would be many pictures on line to see many views of it. So glad to hear you got out last Friday! See you soon I hope! Deb C.

Peggy said...

I love your Friday ritual, you are such a dedicated maker. The moons altogether are wonderful -- just imagine...someday you will write about the moon quilt like you posted about your first dyed wool quilt. xx

  • Deb Hardman
  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo