Thursday, June 8, 2017

Michigan woodlands in June

I packed a picnic and up North my husband and I went for the day. The woodland flowers are so delicate and in full bloom.


Lupine with butterfly weed, I love Mother Nature's color mix, purple and orange!

The fungi/mushrooms are new and still soft.

We arrived to the river and a mother turtle had just finished laying eggs. I don't know how she climbed up this hill. The sad part is the raccoons will be here at night digging up and eating all the eggs.

After our lunch a relaxing time watching the river go by and quilting.

Cute little magical island filled with ferns.

At home the roses are in full bloom. I planted 3 climbing plants on our front porch last year. This year their really taking off.

I always wanted a "rose covered cottage".

From my rosa rugussa plants (they have a wonderful strong rose smell) I pick the blossoms everyday, some I am drying to make into cream and others I'm keeping fresh to distill into rose water.

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Deb Hardman said...

Yay! You figured out how to post the link! Good job! This post is like a little walk in the woods, & I can just about smell those roses!

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