Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter happenings in Michigan


Like half the country the snow is piling up, even under our covered porch!


The only one outside weaving is Mother Nature.
Love her embellishments!

The dye garden is beautiful in the fresh snow.

Besides putting "Christmas" away I did make a batch of bath salts for winter soaking. Quick and easy but so enjoyable, this is my recipe:
1 cup of Epsom salts (which is not a salt but a mineral)
1/4 cup of baking soda.
15 to 20 drops of good essential oil. I used lavender.
Mix well and store in a covered jar.
I use a good 1/4 to 1/2 cup full in my bath.

I finally had time to work on my "Super Moon"  block representing this past  November's moon.  I resist dyed wool for the moon dyeing it with indigo.  I quilted in "moon beams" with Sliver metallic thread and a halo of glass beads. This will be added with the rest of my moon journal blocks.

I love, love and collect textiles made by Native people from around the world.
Last Fall I went to the best estate sale I'm sure I will ever see. The owner was a Dr. and his wife was a weaver and collected textiles and everything on their vacations around the world. Everything was top quality.
They had a armed guard in the jewelry sale room. I didn't even go in there. People came from other states lining up the night before the sale!
I did buy a few wonderful pieces, the first being this hand knotted rug from Turkey. 

I told my grandsons not to walk on this rug with their shoes on as this is a magic flying carpet, note the magic lamps woven in! I explained that women all over the world put a part on themselves in their textiles, with their own secret thoughts and messages put in.
I know all us quilters do:)

I picked up a assortment of baskets to dry my herbs/dye plants on next summer.


                            A great hand woven cloth from Guatemala.

Hanging with the peppers.

This is a hand woven  huipil  (women's blouse) also from Guatemala.
Woven on a back strap loom. The red weaving is the full huipil with the more intricate weaving stitched on top.


Peggy said...

Your snow is so much prettier than ours, we're having a meltdown and you know what color that means. The November moon block is pure magic, I love what you've done. And you really found some beautiful textiles at the estate sale. Absolutely amazing.

Also enjoyed seeing the beautiful trees, table setting and snowmen...and your friend with the extension cord, that's a hoot. The ball-ornament tree on the table caught my eye, did you make that? Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what you're up to in 2017! xoxo

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Hi Peggy, Thank you for all your nice replies. Yes, I made the ornament tree last year. The idea was on pinterest. You start with a knitting needle with flat end down. (No glue is used in this project)
With 4 of your largest bulbs you slip them over the top of the needle, they form the base of the tree, (try to have them equal size). Working your way up to the smallest size bulbs you always slip 4 of the next smallest size bulbs on. A tree topper finishes the tree. I think I showed this better on my last Decembers blog post. I made two of these trees out of vintage ornaments.

Happy New Year to you too, I'll be enjoying your blog this coming year. Hopefully both of us have a little more free time this year!

Peggy said...

Thanks, I think I get it but will look at last December's post too. Genius.

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