Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stitching memories with my wool quilt.

January 2013 I finished piecing my wool flower/leave eco print quilt. It was a beautiful January day for Michigan, I took it outside to photograph it on my husbands teepee.

All hand dyed and pieced.

January 31, 2017 and I'm still hand quilting it. I'm getting close to the boarders. This is my winter project, it's much to warm to work on during the rest of the year. I come home at night from work, make dinner, and curl up by the fire and stitch. After stitching a short while I can hardly keep my eyes open, nothing is more relaxing but I don't make a lot of progress stitching with my eyes closed:)

I eco-printed this block with Navajo tea. After spending a week on the Navajo reservation learning to weave and natural dye using plants from New Mexico, Sarah, the Navajo teacher sent  Navajo tea cuttings home with me. When ever I stitch on this block it brings back all the wonderful memories.

 Cosmos from my garden. I love harvesting them in the early evening when it's cool and peaceful. This all comes back to me as I quilt this block.
I think it's fascinating quilters and textile artists remember where every little bit of fabric came from and the wonderful memories it holds.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular as always, Kathy. Beautiful memories and making memories every night stitching. Love the close up pictures of the dyed fabric and stitches. Beautiful pictures. D.

Susan Lenz said...

I love hand stitching in the evening too! There's nothing so relaxing than pulling a threaded needle through special fabric. Your eco-printed quilt is quite stunning, especially posed with your husband's teepee! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog too!

Judy Martin said...

How lovely!

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