Friday, December 16, 2016


I have my home and yard ready for the Holiday season.
All the planters from summer are filled with spruce branches, holly branches, Michigan holly berries and a few white birch branches.
Tiny lights are on the porches.

The trees are up in the living room.

A small porcelain sea shell angle tree in the bathroom,

sits along side my tropical quilt.

The winter quilt is on the bed along with fresh cedar garland and lights draped on the headboard.

A herd of birch wood deer my husband made are ready for gifting.

The table was set for my first quilt bee Christmas party.

My good friend came dressed in her festive clothes, note the extension cord necklace to "plug" in her outfit!
She is so much fun.

We exchanged snowman blocks again this year. A couple more years and we each will have enough for a full size winter quilt.
I made a star block for the exchange this year, I thought a few twinkling stars mixed in between the snowmen would be nice. We're all making stars for next year.
The following are the new blocks I received.

Frosty looking at the first star.

This cute one was done by machine embroidery program.

This white on white snowman was done by hand doing the twilling embroidery stitch.

He just makes you happy to look at him!

A wonderful 3-D star block.

Our "collection" so far!
(just laid out on white fabric)

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Anonymous said...

Your home and decorations are beautiful.Love the antlers on the birch deer! Love all the Christmas trees. The quilt blocks are all so special! Made with love! Dn

  • Deb Hardman
  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo