Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weaving in the "Mississippi"

I finally was able to add the Mississippi" river to my loom. It was hard to choose what color wool for the muddy Mississippi. I went with one I dyed awhile ago with celery tops in a iron pot. The iron saddens the color a little bit.

My friend sent me beaver chew sticks from the river,

And a couple of pieces of beach glass she collected.
Thank you Donna!

To my herbalist friends, these are what garlic chives look like.

They have white flowers not purple that regular chives have.
They taste exactly like garlic.

They make a wonderful vinegar. I stuffed the bottles with the chives and blossoms and pour heated apple cider vinegar over the top.
Deb H. this is my new backsplash and counter top in my kitchen. I love how the decorative part of the backsplash looks like a stone fence they use to build with no mortar in it. The counter top is quartz. I tried to take a picture of the whole kitchen this morning as I was running out the door and the pictures looked terrible. Next week I'll show you it.

I've been trying to go once a week to the lake and quilt. I sit in my car, parked right along the lake, listen to waves and am in heaven. I usually stay 2 hours until sunset.
I hate to think of this winter when it will be dark by 5:30.


Anonymous said...

Love your backsplash! So pretty! Your weaving is just BEAUTIFUL! Dn

Anonymous said...

I love your weaving and it is fun to watch it come together!! And the bittersweet weaving itself in is pretty cool. it has a mind of its own for sure! Enjoy the last few great evenings to sew at the water's edge...I sure am! Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

Your counter & backsplash are beautiful! The bottles look pretty too!

I love being at the beach too, it's not so warm at the beaches here though.

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