Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Full Harvest Moon and Herbal Harvest.

Friday with a storm coming in the Lake was kicking up the waves.
Down I went to quilt and enjoy. The paddle boarders were out,

with the wind surfers riding the waves.

In our area parts of the Lake you can park so close the waves splash up on you car. With the windows open you feel like your in a boat!

With the Full Harvest moon that night, I brought along my table runner (I started last year) and began appliqueing on the wool moon and pumpkins.

I finished weaving in all the great bodies of water on the loom.

After the Mississippi I wove in The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic with sea shells we picked up while vacationing there. Next is the Pacific with driftwood from a tiny spit of land jutting out into the Pacific. A wonderful  little village called Homer, (Alaska) resides there.
The next weaving will be a sunset or sunrise depending on your location to the water!

It's time to harvest here before the first frost comes. I cut back some of my herbs to make herbal salt for the winter. Simple process:
chop up your favorite herbs in a bowl,

mix in sea salt (or your favorite salt).
Pour on a cookie sheet, I cover mine with foil first. Put in a 180 degree oven for a couple of hours, every once in awhile stirring. When the herbs are dry, let mixture cool.

Put in food processor and whirl until fine.

Store extra in a cute jar. Enjoy!


Deb Hardman said...

I remember the first time we got McDonalds, it was the first one in Muskegon, out on Sherman. It was a stormy windy day,& we went through the drive-up to get our food, then went & parked at the lakeshore. We sat there by the water with the waves washing over the top of the car. Thanks for reminding me of that memory.

I love your weaving. I should do the same thing by the hot tub!

Your herb/salt mix is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and I were down there Friday nite for a while. We loved the huge waves and wind! Your table runner is coming along, mine is ready for quilting. I just have to have time to baste it, meanwhile, I continue on my favorite hexies....See you soon, love the salt! Deb C

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Deb H. I love the idea of a weaving by your hot tub, you would do some great things with it. Start one next Spring when I start my next one, I've already come up with a new idea for it!
I have great memories of the hot tub, trudging through the snow in March to get to it, and getting back out when the temperature is below 0! And the great view of the night sky! I might have to come up and weave in a few rows while I sit in the tub.

Deb C. Friday night was a great night for quilting by the Lake! I have to catch up with you on our pumpkin table runner. See you next Thursday!

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