Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Playing with Summer flowers

For my Herb Societies August picnic I taught the members how to Eco- print silk scarves with flowers.  (learned from
All summer I prepared for this, I grew as many dye flowers as I could, picking them every evening and drying them. Ordered 40 silk scarves.
We met at one of the members farm, a perfect place to pick more flowers to add to the scarves.
Decorated with one of my herb quilts.


Hung my silk scarves to give them flower ideas.

Of course we had a potluck, herbalist are the best cooks.  Have you ever seen a prettier salad?

Long tables were set up, flowers set out and the fun began.

I took most of the scarves home, steamed them, and gave them back to the members so they could unroll them.

Right outside the barn was a large tansy plant. Members tucked the blossoms in with other flowers.

Back at home I mordant wool fabric, rolled it up with dark red dahlias and red blanket flowers. Tied it tight and placed it in the freezer for a week.
No steaming. This also was learned from
her book "Eco Colour"

I haven't opened it yet, I now have it in a plastic bag sitting in my refrigerator for a week, checking it everyday to make sure there's no sign of mold. Next week the reveal!

My back porch is so beautiful this year.

 With such a hot summer and lots of water it almost looks like they plants are taking over. Kind of like the movie "Little Shop of Horrors".


Anonymous said...

It will be fun to see how the scarves turn out and how different they will be! You are so very clever...glad you are enjoying these great days of summer. Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

I can't wait to see the results.i hadn't realized you could use flowers dried first! I don't remember reading that in India's book? I do wish I cold play with you again! You are always so inspiring. We have been having Indian summer days here. The heat kicked on this morning . I better get outside & start picking & playing, because soon it will be snow-dye season!

Post some pictures of your new kitchen !

Your porch is adorable as always! Is that a pumpkin vine?

Peggy said...

Hi Kathy -- looks like a perfectly wonderful day for all! As you say, a lot goes into a workshop like this but hands-on is so much fun. Intrigued by the freezer bundle, I have all her books but I guess I missed that technique, there is so much information to get through, isn't there? I ordered and received one of India's wool jersey dresses to dye, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to do next, scared I'll mess it up. My crop of dyers coreopsis pretty much failed so that's out. I think I'll go back a ways on your blog to look for some wool inspiration -- thanking you in advance :). The herb quilt is it. Have a great weekend, Kathy.

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