Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Last Fall when the goldenrod was in full bloom, I dye printed two wool pieces. One with the individual heads lined up, and the other with the heads laid out in a circle.

I cut and basted them on indigo dyed wool. This will be the next block for my Sun & Moon quilt.

In between the goldenrod rays I cut out other goldenrod dyed fabric following the string imprints.
There is only one place I want to stitch on this block,

 in the wilderness!
We went on a family picnic Up North along a river. There's a wonderful picnic ground on a point of land. The river winds around the point. You put in your tubes, etc. on one side and 1/2 hour later your around the other side.

You come up that side, eat some lunch and do it all again.

I found a peaceful part of the river for some hiking and photo taking.

I'm using the feather stitch to sew around the Sun and it's rays.


Anonymous said...

love the river and tubing!! What a perfect place to sew...anywhere outdoors where it is quiet is a good place to sew..Enjoy the last few sunny days of the summer. Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

I do miss warm days on the water & stars on summer nights. The river looks like the one my sister Vicki has a place. I always loved going there. Your sun is perfect. Will it join your moons, or stand alone?

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