Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Earth Weaving

Spring has finally blossomed in Michigan, I began my weekend walking our yard gathering all the flowering branches I could find.

Mothers Day I took an hour for myself and began weaving. This years weaving began with earth/ground shaded natural dyed wool and choke cherry tree twigs and will gradually work up to indigo dyed wool and small, skinny driftwood from Lake Michigan. (keep your eyes open Deb C. on your beach walks) Ending the summer with sunset colored dyed wool.

The first few rows.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful spring flowers! The runner is very pretty too! Your loom is so fun. I enjoy hearing about the different elements your weave with! Dn. (:

Anonymous said...

yes maam, I will keep my eyes open with my walks!!! Glad to know now, so I can start looking. Love the beginning of your weavings and even more, the spring weather has finally arrived, hoping it is to stay! Deb C

Judy Martin said...

It is so interesting to see your outdoor loom.
Thank you for posting.

Deb Hardman said...

Would you want some drift wood from Alaskan waters? I'm going to Homer soon!

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