Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Earth Loom and dye garden

My husband and son went North camping last Friday, I had the whole weekend to myself! I spent it playing in our back yard. It all began early Saturday morning, made myself a chai latte and picked a bouquet of white lilacs. The purple lilacs bloom first and when their finished the white ones are ready.

Time to put few rows in the weaving.

I used the pussy willows from my flower pots on the porch (time to fill them with flowers) and wove them in. Next 2 rows were eucalyptus dyed wool. ( I use all my wool dyed "rejects" for the loom. The bright sun is not kind to the weaving by the end of the year.
A few more "earth" rows and it will be on to the "lake" rows.

Last year at the base of my loom I planted moon flowers, this year morning glories. The plan is for some sunrise/sunset rows.

My good friend on her beach walks collected some Lake Michigan drift wood to be woven in. Thank your Deb C.
Don't let her show you up Deb H. I'm looking for some drift wood from Homer, Alaska.
Oh, and Donna some beaver chew sticks from the Mississippi will be woven in. I think I have a few little ones left.

Most of my weekend I spent on my knees in the dye garden. (by Sunday night I could hardly walk).
Planting doesn't take long it's getting the soil ready! I weeded, weeded, weeded and added organic compost to it.

A few pictures, the back right corner, white sage coming up with dyers chamomile and madder root in front.
The back left corner lavender. The soil area I planted coreopsis tinctoria seeds.

I beautiful mullein plant with calendula seeds planted behind it and orange cosmos seeds in front. Another row of cosmos along side.

Strawberry and raspberry plants in front with a few tomato and pepper plants in back.

In another garden I planted 3 red gaillardia (blanket flowers) plants in with daisies and black-eye-Susans. They give the most wonderful permanent blue flower eco print.


Anonymous said...

The garden looks will be fun to watch it grow. What a fun weekend to spend it alone, we can always get so much done without distractions. The loom is coming along great, so fun to watch it grow. Enjoy your long and quiet weekend...Deb C

Anonymous said...

Love the moon flowers and morning glories together! Great idea. Garden is looking great dn

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  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo