Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dyeing with shaving cream

A "marbling" fabric dyeing class was offered at our local sewing center. I signed up and spent the day with my girlfriend laughing and designing fabric.
This was a type of dyeing I've never done. On our plastic table mat you squirted on loads of shaving cream, smoothed it out and on top of the shaving cream you put dots of paint on, then swirl it around making designs.

The paint we used was Lumier. I've used it before designing fabrics, it has a  beautiful metallic, soft finish that's washable.

So, you get your design ready then lay your fabric on top, gently press the fabric into the paint, pull off, then comes the hard part, lifting off the shaving cream with a piece of plastic trying not to smear the paint.
This is not always successful.

Dye ready,

fabric after lifting off the cream.
I made two of these,

when it dried I place bird stickers on one, then I painted the entire fabric with the purple paint. When dry I lifted off the stickers reveling this wonderful bird fabric.

Dye ready


I then swirled the dye

and printed another piece of fabric.

We scraped our used shaving cream in a big community pile.

It became a beautiful sculpture.

Later flattening it out we laid our fabrics on it.

My "collection"!

Our lilacs are at peak, the house is smelling heavenly.

The bee skep is coming along, adding flowers, with leaves and bees coming!


Anonymous said...

Your dye class fabric turned out great!! Very creative and looks very doable. Love the lilacs, will be over soon to get a picking. Years ago I did flower pounding with lilacs with Deb Hardman. I will bring it to show and tell this week. See you soon...Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

I do miss the smell of those lilacs, they aren't quite the same here. Your fabrics are great!

Susan Lenz said...

Awesome idea for marbled fabric! Thanks too for the comment on my blog!

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  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo