Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

It took it's own sweet time coming but the snow and cold are here and I think here to stay.
It's the perfect time to quilt. Last weekend I spent it machine quilting on my winter sampler,
when I looked down I saw snow,

and when I looked up I saw snow.

Along with all the cold and snow comes hot cocoa. My friend from Alaska sent me this wonderful gourmet cocoa mix. I made my husband and I a cup in the early evening, what a burst of energy I got, I quilted until late in the night and still then I couldn't close my eyes!
Thank you Deb, it is wonderful.

Last weekend I also made a batch of face and body cream.

Onto the woodstove went a canning jar filled with equal amounts of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and a little bees wax. As soon as it melted I added lavender and rose essential oil, all wonderful for dry skin.

Poured into jars and molds to harden.

Last night was quilt bee, even though it was 16 degrees and snowing we didn't cancel. We were making infinity scarves. This was the one Joni made, with flannel, flat lace and a ruched flower.

Another by Joni.
(She made them ahead of time as examples)

Cathy made this one with cute polka dots. (her stripped shirt doesn't show how cute the scarf is).
She's going to add three silver buttons on the lace.

Joni modeling Jamie's with a little fringe in place of lace.

Laura with her black flannel and lace scarf.

And me, I wanted to use some of my natural dye printed wool, it was a little skinny. The lace is an antique hankie, I'm going to make a ruched flower to sew to it.

Also from our bee Jamie gave us our snowman blocks from our Christmas exchange.
This is a Crabapple design that Jamie hand embroidered.
There's always an overachiever in every group!


Anonymous said...

Love Jamie's snow block ! So cute! The scarfs are all so cute! Love that you used your dyed wool! Who cares if it is 18 degrees:) making a fun night!! Dn. <1234>

Anonymous said...

The scarves are adorable!! And the snowman block is so very cute, should go great with your blocks. Never too cold or snowy to get together to quilt for sure. Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

I miss you all! Love the infinity scarves, & the block is so darned cute!

Glad you're finally posting on FB! Helps keep me up dated!

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