Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Greens

Every year our local Art Museum has a holiday program with florists showing new ideas for decorating your home. This is the back entrance to the museum beautifully decorated for the holiday open houses.

I share with you a few of the easy ideas they had. This was cute for the dessert table, glass containers (most used during the day were bought at the dollar store), filled with leaves,  pumpkins and twigs holding up plates of cookies. This would be easy to change over for Christmas.

Dollar store glasses filled with cranberries and little chalk boards as place settings. Other glass vases with fake snow, pine cones, berries and greens grouped in the middle of the table.

Place oasis wet foam in the bottom of an vase, add in long branches, in the middle of the branches add fresh roses and greens. Line the outside with berries.

Dollar store glass container, rocks, and bird nest. A cute bird and in the nest red jingle bells instead of eggs. Fresh greens in the back. This would be so cute on the table.

Place fresh greens upside down in glass containers to help hold the candles up. Fill with distilled water.

Wrap cinnamon sticks around a candle or vase. Hold the sticks in place while working by placing a rubber band on the candle or vase. When all in place tie a ribbon over the band.

A luminary for your table or walk way made in a large ice cream bucket, filled with greens and snowflakes.  In the center place a candle in a glass votive holder. When your finished using it for the night you can place it back in the bucket add some water, put it back in the freezer, then use it again when ready.

They also made a lot of large arrangements, wreaths, garlands. At the end you could purchase raffle tickets to try to win. Of course I didn't win but came away with lots of inspiration.

They also showed this cute place setting/gift with a little ornament the guest could take home. What I liked was the Merry Christmas cotton twill tape ribbon.

After talking to the florist I went to their shop and bought a few yards brought it home and wrapped it around my antique spool.

I Love different trims.

Saturday the sun finally poked out and the loom was calling. I went out and put the final row in, greens from our woods.

It is now finished.

Until next Spring. I think I will do it again not using any of the same plants. I would miss not having it to weave and meditate on.

While I was out I filled the Summer pots with greens, holly branches and berries. We (hubby and I) also put up the lights on the porches. We're all done outside for the Holidays, now it's time for inside.


Anonymous said...

I love the pot on your porch!! It looks so festive and Christmasy. The Christmas arrangements were so pretty! I need to get busy with my decorating as well. Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

The weaving is beautiful! I want to put it in my backyard., to act as a privacy screen by the hot tub!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I love your hot tub!

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