Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mississippi River Hike

Last week my husband had an appointment for a check up at Mayo, so along with the check up we went to spend a few days visiting our good friends who live on the Mississippi River.
What a beautiful view they have of the river.

The weather was beautiful for a hike. So out we went,

past the resident beaver lodge,

we collected beaver chewed sticks.

Perfect to use in our winter arrangements.

We also hiked along the railroad tracks,

which were full of wonderful rusty steel stuff. Great for rust and natural dyeing.

One night we went on a tour of historical houses in the Down Town. There was about 6 open to the public for a fund raiser.

One sidewalk was lined with these wonderful lanterns.

Every house had ice luminaries,

and old carved staircases beautifully decorated.

Next morning this was the sun rise out our bedroom window,

with an Eagle looking for breakfast,

and geese swimming by.
Now this is a view to wake up to every morning. Thank you Jack and Donna we had a peaceful, beautiful time. It was just what we needed.

Oh and thank you for the gift of mud and stone too!

Back home I'm adding the sticks to all my winter arrangements.


Anonymous said...

You tell our week-end so well. It is always a special time with you and John! Love our beaver chewed sticks! Have made the Scandinavian almond bars twice already!:) Donna

Anonymous said...

Love the river peaceful and serene! The sticks added a lot to your arrangement. I cannot wait to see how your rust dying goes, I am sure it will turn out great! Deb C.

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