Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nature's Creatie Edge

For the past 10 or so years Robert Friese-AIFD has sponsored a show of Florists work on his property. Each year there is a new theme, this years theme was Suspension. Floral artist come from all over the U.S. to display their sculptures. For three days/nights hundreds of people come and walk through the displays. The admission fees going to scholarships for young florists. There were 27 displays this is just a few of my favorites. The entrance began with two topiaries and large swags.

Surreal Suspension
This was an old wooden ladder full of flowers, moss and candles hanging in glass globes.
We went at dusk so I could take pictures before it got too crowded. But it's much more wonderful all lit up with all the candles.

Fast Food! This frog was covered with vegetation leaping out of a pond

to catch a dragon fly.

Saturn Rising
 (OK, Saturn didn't make the picture but I did get the Sun).



Tubular Color, a please touch display.

Lotus Gate.
You can see in this picture the paths are all lined with candles, beautiful at night.

Four of the dials moved, including the hands of the clock.

One of my favorites, E.T. Phone Home.
At night the moon glowed.

Looked like beautiful bridal bouquet.
Just between you and me I think my Earth Loom would have fit in nicely with this exhibit.


Anonymous said...

agreed, it would fit perfect!! Enjoy these wonderful fall days! Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

Very cool. What imaginations they all have. The setting looks like our Botanical Garden in Anchorage. If you ever come up again in summer I'll take you there!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Autumn days here. Love seeing your blog. Donna

Tante Mali said...

Wow, fantastic! A garden to gape!
Thank you for sharing and all my best from Austria

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