Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full Harvest Moon

The goldenrod is ready and calling me. I picked a lot, some for weaving and some for dyeing.

First I added a row of it to my weaving ( is it my weaving or Mother Natures, she seems to be weaving on it more than I am, the vines are weaving in and out, more everyday).

A row of goldenrod, then wool strip, a row of ornamental grass and another wool strip.

My thought was when I started this earth weaving that the dye plants would gradually dye the wool strip. Well, it finally happened with the cosmos flowers. After weaving them we had a hard rain storm. That did the trick the wool is now starting to absorb the cosmos dye.

Last night was the Full Harvest Super Moon, I could not miss taking pictures of it.

It was so beautiful.

The clouds just add to it's beauty and


I tried to stay awake to get a good photo of it over the loom, but I didn't make it long enough. The last photo at 10:00 shows it peaking through the tree.


Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the harvest moon! It was beautiful..The weaving is looking great, hopefully today's rain will dye some more colors for you. Deb C

Peggy said...

Oh Kathy, your earth loom is just so wonderful and I love that the plants are beginning to dye the wool. How cool is that? Happy full moon to you! xoxo

Deb Hardman said...


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