Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Playing with summer flowers

My little neighbor girl came over and put a few rows in the loom. We picked daisies and added a row of them, then a row of wool.

The daisies looked like a row of white lace.

Our last row was a whole mullein plant.

I planted dyers chamomile last Spring and there were few blossoms ready to use.

They look like yellow daisies and are full of dye.

I placed them on wool and a silk scarf. Steamed and let them set a week.

The silk scarf doesn't show the detail to well but the wool really does.
I'm now making a wool scarf with the flowers for my daughter for winter.

My gaillardia  (blanket flowers) are ready to pick and dye with also. I rolled these up in a silk scarf.

After a week, the silk scarf is full of color, some purple, yellow and a little rose, it looks like water coloring. The wool scarf on the right I dyed a couple of years ago, the color stayed wonderfully.

Spring, Summer and early Fall my favorite Saturday morning ritual is to get up early, make a chai latte and wander around the yard picking flowers for the house. If there aren't many flowers blooming I pick a bouquet of herbs or in the Fall branches of colored leaves.


Anonymous said...

The scarves are beautiful and the colors turned out great!!
The flowers are so pretty and summery...Deb C

Peggy said...

I love everything in this post! Am coming to realize that wool is my favorite fiber to dye with -- both through my own efforts *and* through seeing your success. Always inspired when I come here, Kathy. xoxo

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