Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Weddings and Natural dyes for Skin

This is the season for Weddings, my girlfriend's son was married Mother's Day weekend, my other girlfriend's daughter will be married this weekend and 100 years ago Lumber Barren Mr. Hume's daughters Constance and Florence Hume had a double Wedding.  This is a picture of their home (from the side), restored and taken care of by our local historical society. For this 100th year anniversary they have a celebration going on throughout the summer with  displays of their wedding clothes and the home set up to look like it did on the Wedding day where the reception took place.

The dresses were made of heavy ivory satin and trimmed with Irish Lace. One of the sisters,

the back of the others.

Her train. Love all the hand-work.

Hand embroidered with seed pearls.

They wore long veils with crowns of orange blossoms.

A more complete description of the dresses.

Their Wedding photo with their bridesmaids.

Their Garters.

History of the Garter.

All the rooms in the house were set up like they would have been for the reception.
Copies of the actual place cards.

The finest china and table cloths ready.

The fathers Wedding clothes laid out. Love the hat.

The women's clothes laid out,

and ready.

Love these boots. They are very long and skinny.

Child's dress on her bed.

Older sister's dress on her bed. Love this quilt.
This is just a few of the many bed rooms in the house.

This potty chair was too cute.

The ending to this Wedding story, one sister died 3 years later and the other got DIVORCED twelve years later, her parents let her if she promised never to marry again! She lived at their home until she died.

I haven't done much dyeing or quilting lately, my elderly father fell and broke his hip. Most of my time right now is being spent with him at the hospital, my mom at her home (she doesn't drive any more), helping with my grand kids, keeping my house up and working! I don't have time to go to the bathroom anymore. Now, I know what the saying "sandwich generation" means! But everyone is happy and trying to help so we'll make it ( I do hope to put in my garden before Fall).

I've always been a sun-lover and even though I don't lay out in the sun any more I still love to have a little color in the summer. I found these two products  I hope will give me the "sun" look. The first Jergens Natural Glow for face, it got high recommendations in a study. I've used it for about 4 days, so far no orange color or streaks and my white skin is coming along.
 I also found Australian Gold Intensifier made with natural dyes! Black walnut shell extract, annatto, carrot root extract, carrot seed oil, banana fruit extract, aloe leaf juice & tree leaf oil. I'm sure it's not all natural but I'm giving it a try. After 4 days no orange or streaks and my legs and arms aren't bright white.
Both product are not overnight "tans" but seem to be coming slow but sure. I'll let you know next week  how they turn out. (neither are oily either)


Anonymous said...

Kathy-so sorry to hear about your dad again!!! Praying for your strength!!Hopefully, you will have time to enjoy the summer sunny days! Here I was thinking you and John would be heading North this w/e with your camper....only in your minds this year it sounds like. YOu have a 3 day weekend for a bit of extra rest. Set up schedules with your family to help with your will keep you more sane! Blessings, Deb C

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Thanks Deb, the family has been wonderful, our son moved back just to help with family. No camping this weekend, we all will be painting at the new house, in between I'll be checking on my parents. Hopefully next week my dad will be going back home.

Peggy said...

Hi Kathy, sorry about your dad -- hang in there, if he's going home then things must be looking pretty good. I liked seeing the double wedding photos, a great presentation of the clothing. And good luck with the tanners, I know what you mean! I tried Alba Botanica last summer and it worked okay, too. xo

Deb H said...

Oh Kathy, your poor dad, &you & mom too! What an awful thing?,
The rsst of the post was beautiful.

I could never do tanning from a bottle. I turn too orange! I actually got sunburned this week!

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