Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Tree Quit

A few years ago as I saw my parents aging I thought when they pass on a lot of family history will be lost and the grandchildren would never know it. So, I began a family tree quilt. I researched and designed each childhood home (starting with my husbands and my parents childhood homes). I tried to capture them exactly with the special touches they remembered. Then I embroidered in all the family birth/death/ marriage records on each home block in the yard. (I have them covered with pieces of fabric for this picture). The lattice between the blocks have the fun facts about each family, such as their hobbies etc.

Our house is now done and I began working on the lattice, we love so many things I could fill up two of them.

Of course I had to piece a wool quilt, I took a felted sweater cut some tiny blocks and stitched it together.


Now I'm stitching it all on and embroidery in the details.

Two more houses to go, our children's. They will be the top two. This will be the basic layout (more lattice between the blocks), I'm thinking there will be a appliqued tree behind the blocks, starting with a gnarly trunk at the bottom with the green leave filling out the top.  Should be ready to put together by November at our yearly quilt retreat!

I pulled out these friendship quilt blocks yesterday, They were made for me in 1995! I think it's time to put them together but I need a few more.

This is the paper piecing pattern, what do you think Deb C. could you finish one by November:) Another quilt retreat project.


Anonymous said...

Yes I can and I would be honored to do one for you!!!!! I will see you soon to get it, hopefully not at Jolman Fleet! haha love you dear friend!! Deb

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Thank-you Deb, I'll send the paper with Kay, I don't want you to have work done on your car either!
I hope the wedding turned out beautiful, looking forward to pictures.

Anonymous said...

you could mail the pattern as well...or not. Deb

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