Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kids Summer Quilt Blocks

"Way" back at the beginning of Summer in 1982 when my kids were done with school for the year, I bought some fabric crayons and the kids began a summer journal quilt. They colored  pictures on paper and I then ironed them onto fabric.

We documented our viewing of Halley's comet.

The reopening of the Statue of Liberty.

My daughter's favorite Care Bear.

After they finished the blocks I put it together into a quilt, just tying it. Someday I really need to machine quilt it. The grand kids love it so...

I bought them new Fabric Markers by Crayola.

I washed white cotton fabric and ironed it onto freezer paper to stabilize it. Cut it into squares and off they go.

I love how the markers bleed into each other like water colors.

With out much time yet I'm thankful for my perennial herbs, they pop up with not a whole lot of care.

My chocolate mint pops up everywhere.

I have an old pine stump I planted with ivy and put a bird bath on top. The mixture of greens are beautiful.

And my little walk way is at peak with different greens.

My father is home from the hospital now, thank goodness for home health care. They are wonderful, kind people. They make it so much easier than me having to take him to therapy everyday.
So, I go to visit my parents yesterday and I hear this funny noise coming from the fire place, I look inside and what do I see, 3 baby raccoons looking me. Did we really need this? Thank-goodness they have glass doors on the fireplace. Now we're in the process of getting them out.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a very fun summer project!!! Looking forward to the finished project!! Deb

Anonymous said...

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Deb H said...

I've coloring on a quilt too. One of my white feather quilts was looking too blah & boring so I've been working on it with the crayons.

Did you ever get the card planted?

My neighbor on Frost St had raccoons in her closet once. They smelled bad & made a big mess of things.Good luck sister!

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