Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wool Jacket

I finished my wool jacket, it only took me 6 hours, but I think anyone with a clothes sewing ability would be able to make it in 3. I like it but wish it was a couple inches longer, but it fits so I'm a happy camper. I took lots and lots of pictures of this jacket in different light and I guess this show the truest color the best but there are so many different hues in it due to all the over dyeing that don't show up.

It matched wonderfully with my silk/Pashmir scarf my friend brought me from Thailand.

I mixed all the left over dyes together (madder root, cochineal, and Osage orange) and put in a piece of dry wool fabric, it picked up so many different colors.

My friend Kay was our guest speaker at our quilt guild meeting last night. She did a wonderful lecture, I wanted to share a few of her antique quilt tops from the turn of last century with you. This is a small piece made from silks and satins.

Someone worked hard on this top with thousands of  different  size pieces.

How about this one with a red bulls eye in the middle and thousands of tiny triangles for the boarders.

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