Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Past Week

Last night I had some of my girlfriends over for supper, this is my table before they arrived with my natural dyed table runner and dyed linen napkins,

and a shaker full of herbal salt I made for each.

Sunday afternoon everyone in our house was sick except for us (it had been a long sick, cold, snowy week) and I needed a breath of Spring so I loaded up the twins and off we went to Fredrick Meijer Gardens to explore their indoor glass house. Starting in the arid section,

and moving on to the carnivorous plants, which they liked the best

we spent a lot of time studying these plants.

The tropical house is my favorite, the smell from the orchids was wonderful.

What wonderful color inspiration for quilts. A delicate lady slipper orchid,

this tropical plants color scheme is breathtaking, fuchsia flowers with periwinkle tips.

A natural purple orchid (not a artificially dyed one that I see in our grocery store).

Love, love this type of orchid.

Fuchsia/raspberry lady slipper orchids,

and a display of bright pink orchids.

And in the cafeteria a display of bright glass "flowers" from the glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Color inspiration everywhere in the heart of winter!!

And what do we do on the next snow/ice day off from school?? Grandma runs to the local dollar store and bought all kinds of cute Valentine stickers, doilies, and construction paper for the boys to make Valentine for the special people in their lives.


Peggy said...

Hi Kathy, what a lovely table you set for your friends -- do you mind saying which herbs you used in the salt blend? I'm wondering because the only ones I've used are nettles and basil. Always on the lookout for something interesting. ;)

Those blooms are eye candy, for sure! xx

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I made my herbal salt at the end of last summer using all the herbs left in the garden, lots of chives, parsley, oregano, thai basil, rosemary, sage etc. They all blend wonderfully together. They spice up any dish taking it from dull to exciting. I made a special blend for turkey and chicken using chives, parsley and lots of sage.

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