Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wool Quilt Boarders

Our son has lived in big cities the past 10 years and just moved back to our small town to work and live. We are very happy, our conversations now have a lot of hiking and camping in them. As soon as he was settled he put up my husbands tepee in our back yard. Their friend made it for my husband years ago.
It looked so peaceful and serene in the snow.

After it was set up a little neighbor boy came over and asked if he could look inside and see the steps leading to the top!

That night our son slept out, he had to get all the city out of him.

(I don't know why this picture is on the side and some are bigger than others, I've been having a terrible time with Blogger!)

He lit a fire inside and slept wonderfully warm.

Last weekend I finished putting boarders on my wool quilt. The first boarder was a small peach colored one I dyed with cosmos flowers.

Then came the green leaf boarders that I dye-printed last fall with bright red leaves. The corner squares were cosmo flower dye-printed.

The sun was out. the snow was melted, calling for a tepee/ quilt photo.

They look good together.

 I will layer the quilt with wool batting and a flannel back and hand-quilt it (that will take a few years), but I love it and will sleep under it while the quilting is in progress.
All hand done from picking the dye plants and dyeing the wool, to hand-piecing the blocks and finally to hand-quilting it. Lots of good family memories in this quilt and more to be made.


Peggy said...

Kathy. Oh, Kathy. This is BEAUTIFUL. I think it falls into the priceless category. Congratulations! xoxo

P.S. And the teepee is pretty cool, too! ;)

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Thank you Peggy for your wonderful comment, it means a lot.

Anonymous said...

It turned out great!! so worth the time spent!! Deb C

Laura said...

Just beautiful, knew it would be

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