Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Journals

Yesterday at work I turned a couple of my hand-made papers into a gardening journal. I bought some heavy weight drawing paper for the inside pages, punched holes along the sides and used the hand-made paper for the front and back covers.
(I photographed it on top off my file, my scented rose geraniums and fern are in the background)

Bound the pages together with some of my natural dyed wool yarn and raffia. A couple of hand-made clay birds and leaf beads complete the binding.

At herb society last night we shared our projects, The following are a few ideas. Note cards with the hand-made paper for the background of pressed flowers.


This is the top of a small round wooden box, covered with the paper and two pressed, dried chive blossoms.
Everyone was suprised how nice the poofy chive blossoms pressed and dried.

Book marks, covered with clear contact paper.

Background for a framed leaf.

Back home I picked these beautiful woodland flowers called Virginia Blue Bells, photographed them with sedum in it's wonderful moss covered pot.

They have the cutest bell shape and they start out pink and gradually turn blue.

My niece (in the Navy) is still over in the Middle East, I just received this from her, a traditional women's outfit from Dubai (their last port). It is so beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to my collection.

Close-up of the embroidery with lots of sequins.

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Deb H said...

Wow, that's beautiful!

(I mean both your journal & the fabric on the outfit).

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