Friday, April 6, 2012

Frog Moon

The first dye plants of the season are in bloom and waiting! Daffodils for a lovely pale yellow.

Dandelions for a bright yellow green. This spring I'm going to try dye printing them, but before I can dye anything...

I have to mordant my wool. So into the dye studio. A few spoonfuls of alum and a couple of cream of tarter, pour boiling water over, stir and add to large cool pot of water.

Add wool fabric to pot and bring to a low boil, stir and simmer for an hour. Turn off heat and leave overnight. The next day rinse. Now the fabric is ready, the plants are calling and I'm just lacking one thing...TIME. Maybe after Easter.

Tonight is the full April moon, the Northeastern Natives called this moon Frog moon due to the Spring Peepers you hear now in the wet lands. A sure sign spring is here. They also called it Sprouting grass moon due to of course the grass growing and getting greener. It is also called Egg moon.

With no extra time and trying to keep up with the moons I brought my fabric to work with good intentions of cutting out a frog and appliqueing it to the moon. But that 3/4" frog was not going to happen at work so I just used my green Pigma pen and drew him on. I did embroidery in the grass.
Tonight I will quilt it by the light of the Frog Moon, of course that is after my grandson's and I dye Easter eggs with natural dyes: red cabbage, beets, blueberries and yellow onion skins.

I hope you have a Blessed Easter. My friend Laura made this cute deviled egg plate.

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Deb H said...

I love the the info on the moons. I miss those spring peepers! We still have several feet of snow. We surpassed the old record of snowfall, from 1954!

I love Laura's eggs! I my have to borrow that idea some time.

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