Friday, July 8, 2011

Ok, I'm at work with extra time on my hands, I thought I'd share with you just a few more of our family vacation photos. Hopefully your not too sick of them. After spending a week at the first campground we regrouped and took the kids camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. On the way we stopped at the Mackinaw bridge. Crossed over and went to the Tahquamenon Falls State Park campground.

After setting up camp we rented this little row boat (from the park) and rowed across the Tahquamenon river to this little island that the falls surround. You can hike around the island and see all the little falls. Its a great little hike.

One of the first falls on the hike.

Little islands surrounding the big island. Beautiful.

Another set of falls.

Another fall.

Then went drove to the Upper (much larger) Falls and hiked back to the Lower Falls. This was a much harder four mile hike, through the woods and along the river.

Over woodland creeks.

Along the Tahquamenon river.

This is a beautiful, woodland hike.

Back at our campsite there was this cute little chipmunk who would take peanuts right out of your hand, run it across the road to his home and then come back for more.


Melodie said...

I was just there!! I had never been to the U.P. (if you can believe that!) A friend of mine took me on a week long tour all the way to Copper Harbor. It was an awesome trip!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I've never been to Copper Harbor, some September I'll be there. I love the U.P.

Deb H said...

Gosh the boys are getting big!

It looks like you had great weather too. Nice pictures.

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