Tuesday, July 19, 2011

International Herb Conference

Last Friday and Saturday my girlfriend and I went to the International Herb Conference in Midland, Mi. What a wonderful conference, the local herb society hosted the conference and they out did themselves.

A nice welcome bag and herbal bouquet greeted us when we went into our hotel rooms. Homemade cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and kettle corn, herbal soaps were in the bathroom.

We signed up for the garden tour around Midland, one of our first stops was the Lavender Fleece farm. What a beautiful farm and a very ambitious lady who owns the farm (with her husband). She has a large lavender garden which she uses to make lavender products for her store and for bouquets for weddings.

It smelled heavenly.

Look at one of her garden fences. The whole farm was charming!

The owner is a wonderful weaver. I love these rugs, how good would they feel on bare feet. Click on the picture to see the close up details.

Their made from her Icelandic sheep she raises. They also raise lamas, peacocks, goats, chickens etc.

This is her weaving studio and store.

With her lavender door. She had lavender tea, cake and dip with crackers for us.

Her pottery studio with a lavender door. What a farm, it would be a great place for a retreat.

Our next stop was Dow Gardens, this is where Dow Chemical's original owners home was. Actually, I think it's still in the family. Anyway there are acres and acres of gardens and the original house from the late 1800's is open to the public. There was a great blown glass exhibit by Craig Mitchell Smith displayed throughout the gardens. Here are just a few. A tall dandelion seed head.

Some of the seeds blowing in the wind.

Jumping fish in a pond.
This is just the beginning of the tour and the conference hadn't even begun, next blog will continue with the conference and the natural dying class I took.

I love this piece of blown glass with stones stacked in between. When I went to purchase it my girlfriend had already bought it for me! How nice was that. I has hoping it was made by the artist featured but no it was made in China!
I have it in my white sage bed.


Deb H said...

That farm looks like a little bit of Heaven.

The glass pieces were great, even the made in China one! Some little Chinese artist made it anyway!

Melodie said...

The farm is gorgeous! Do you cook with the herbs you learn about or just dye with them?! I wonder if you can get tired of the smell of lavender!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I mainly use my herbs for cooking, I especially like chives, parsley, thyme, oregano, and lots of garlic and onions. Although I do have a lot of fabric wrapped up with herbs right now processing.
Speaking of lavender for a long time I wasn't sure if I really liked the smell, it's still not my favorite, although I do keep some next to my bed, it is very relaxing. Right now I'm drying different herbs to make dream pillows (more on them later).

Pat said...

The conference looks very interesting. I love the glass piece and also your white sage!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Pat, if you would like some of the sage roots let me know, I have plenty.

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