Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

My husband and I planted all our gardens (vegetable, herb, dye) and flower pots Saturday and Sunday, then the final touch was adding this "Sun" stepping stone. I'd seen it done at our local health food store Utopian Market Place last year. Theirs was tucked in their gravel paths.
We went to a landscape store and picked out the correct shape stones. It looked really great until the maple tree let loose all it's whirly birds, I had to sweep off the sun to get a picture. My yard is full of them, some as thick as snow!
Next we want to put in a crescent moon.

Speaking of Suns, I cut out my next block for my wool quilt. I love how this fabric dyed, I solar dyed it last year. One jar contained cochineal, madder root and Osage orange bark with the wool fabric. The other jar held Osage orange bark and annetto. I haven't sew this yet.

On Monday I packed a picnic and we took our boat out on the river for the day. We try to stay off the main branch and explore the little tributaries, so much more wildlife. This was a wonderful sight, Who lives in this little home? With spruce tree landscaping and moss covered logs

leading down to the river. How charming is that?

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Deb H said...

The star block is yummy. It matches the scarf you gave me for Christmas.

Could that be a badger or fox hole?

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