Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharing plants!

Our local herb society meetings are the greatest, full of talented, generous women. Not only are they gardeners, a lot of them are textile artists, artists and crafters. This is Veronica's (our President) first weaving, she designed and wove it on a child's loom! Beautiful, I love how it looks with her outfit. She is also a master knitter.

Our snacks are always great and I loved this punch made with Rose scented geranium leaves and lemons. If your interested in the recipie let me know.

This months meeting we met at PJ's art studio and shared plants and seeds to get our Spring gardens going. Marsha is showing us how to take clippings from plants, dip them in root tone and plant to get great results.

And we begin, too much fun. We all went home with lots of new plants and seeds.

One of our members makes wonderful natural creams, soaps etc. We couldn't resist buying them.

Some of my herb clipping, Hot and Spicy oreganos, French tarragon and rose geranium. I also have lots of seeds planted.

My daughter and her family sent me flowers for my birthday. Thank-you I love them! When the flower start to wilt I will pick the iris and try dying silk with them, more on this later.

Speaking of fabric dying, my neighbors cut their rhododendrons back last week (your suppose to trim them right after they bloom in the spring or else you cut off all the new buds), they had a huge pile to discard and one ended up in my yard, I thought "some one must want me to try it in the dye pot".

So, I wet down some of my premordated (with alum) wool and rolled them up with the leaves, then steamed it for a good hour. I now have them in a plastic bag in a warm place working their magic. Next week we'll see the result.

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Deb H said...

Only you would take your neighbors trash & turn it into art!
(well maybe I would too!)LOL

I was thinking of you on your birthday, but worked all day so couldn't call. Hope it was a happy one!

Love & hugs!D

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