Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great Herb Shop link

I've been busy machine quilting my grandson's Christmas quilt and doing Spring cleaning, when it finally warms up around here for good I want to be outside. Since I didn't think you wanted to see a picture of the Christmas quilt in progress I took a quick picture of some rabbits I made years ago. Their made from cotton quilt batting with jointed arms and legs, the one I tea dyed. The eggs Deb H. also made me years ago from hand-dyed fabrics. Their 6-sided pieced eggs. Too wonderful! For all my Natural dying and Herb friends I found the best Herb shop on line- They have every herb you can think of, culinary, medicinal and Natual dying seeds, I'm so excited. I ordered madder root (my favorite dye plant), Navajo tea and dyers chamomile seeds. I cannot wait to put in my new natural dye garden. Make sure you have time to enjoy when you go on this site, there is so much great information.

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Deb H said...

Awwh, I'd fotton all about those silly eggs.

I miss gardening. Maybe I can do a little now that the stone work is done.

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