Monday, March 7, 2011

Turtle Table

My husband designed, carved and made this sea turtle table for me. The Native Americans believe that we live on turtle island, which is the back of a giant turtle swimming in the ocean. This is the story told to us by the Native Americans in our area who are the woodland people.

White-birch legs.

I put it in my hallway with our Navajo weavings above it.

I spent some time this weekend hand-piecing some more of my quilt. I say "hand piecing" because some of my friends thought I was machine piecing it. Nope, it will all be done by hand. I also cut out a few more blocks.

One was a nine-patch with birch leave squares and the other "spotted" squares I made while in Colorado with lichen pieces.

Another 9-patch with euclyptus print squares, the others I dyes with Navajo tea.

My friend Judy made this quilt (not quilted yet) with a pattern called (I believe) Four-Patch stack. All the blocks are made with the same fabric as the boarder. How you stack and cut and sew them make the different patterns in each block. Like the "Stack and Wack" pattern a few years ago.
This is a cute, perky quilt for the last long days of winter.

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Deb H said...

John's table is great!

Your hand pieced quilt, gives me a peacful feeling just looking at it. I can picture you stitching it, quietly in you cozy house. It is really beautiful.

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