Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Companion Planting

Last night was my local herb society meeting, this was one of the center pieces on the refreshment table. How cute is this, the herb box is a old sewing machine drawer.

And the front with the pull knob.

The lecture was on companion planting, there is evidence that some plants are protected and grow better when planted near the correct neighbor. Odors seem to repel insects and protect the companion plant.
This group of companion plants is called "Three Sisters", squash/pumpkins, beans and corn do well planted together.
The quilt under the plate was one of the speakers, her grandmoter made it with scraps from the family, there is fabric in it from 30s to one of her shirts from the 50s. Too wonderful.

Another great companion planting, roses with garlic, onions or chives planted around it.

And just like in cooking with tomatoes and basil they do well planted together.

Another really good pair is tomatoes and asparagus, and tomatoes and carrots.

Potatoes and horseradish make wonderful companions. At the Herb Conference they served a potato salad with a little horseradish in the dressing, it was wonderful.
If your interested they're is so many more companion planting tips on the internet and in gardening books.
Another great plant is Marigolds and Calendula. They are good to plant near potatoes, tomatoes, roses. Along all the edges of your garden to help keep out pests. And their beautiful.

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Deb H said...

You're making me hungry!

I've been on clear liquids for 3 days! I get to eat tomorrow, after my scope.

I have to garden vicariously, by reading your blog, since the moose eat everything edible in my yard.

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