Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Quilting Day

Last week was National Quilting Day (not sure what day it actually is), I spent the last two Saturdays quilting with with friends. Boy, you get a lot done when you don't have the normal household interruptions. One of the Saturdays I worked on my grandsons Christmas quilt. I have it all pieced except for the boarders.

Boarders coming soon.

This is another one of Mary's (the over achiever of the group) Christmas quilts shes making for her grand nieces and nephews. Notice the 2 small quilts on the back of the chair, each made from the scraps of the larger quilt. Oh brother, she makes us look bad! (She had this all pieced before our quilting day).
Lil Twister pattern.

Another one of her Christmas quilts. She now has 5 pieced with 2 of them quilted. She's making 10 total. She'll be done soon, with other projects done in between!

One of our dear quilting friends is terminally ill and some are finishing up a few of her quilts. Kay worked on this one. This is like a breath of Spring, I love the striped lattice strips.

And how cute is this, Melanie Ver Duin designed and made this wall hanging, winning a ribbon with it at a local show. The pin cushion and quilt are 3-D. The machine is correctly threaded and has a real needle and vintage button dials.

Melanie's mother embroidered these blocks in the 70's to make a quilt for the baby she was expecting (Melanie). Never completing them she put them away and forgot about them until now when Melanie is expecting her third baby. Melanie is now finishing them into a quilt for her baby. I love stories like this.

Close up of the lion.

OK another Mary project. This tote bag is pieced with the salvage edges cut from her fabrics, with tape measure ribbon handles.
This is a commercial pattern.

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Deb H said...

That darned Mary! How can you stand t bearound her?! LOL!

Beautiful stuff!

Your grandkids are never goin to have o worry about getting cold!

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