Monday, November 1, 2010

Experience Rwanda

Friday night my girlfriend and I went to a fund raiser for a nonprofit organization called Koinonia, this organization works to modernize education, implement clean and renewable energy sources, and create strong communities that promote a safe and healthy standard of living in Rwanda. The Dr. who started the organization began in 1995 following the genocide in Rwanda and resulting refugee crisis. Tonight's fund raiser was to raise funds for a solar power system and computers at a secondary school in Rwamagana, Rwanda. Only 6% of the population in Rwanda has access to electricity.
The event was titled "Experience Rwanda". I love how they had the tables covered with African fabrics, we ate traditional Rwandan food while Rwandan music played in the background.

Clever vases on the tables with rope tied on the outside and some African flowers used in them

When you walked in you were given a little gift bag made with African fabrics.

A little market to purchase hand-made Rwandan crafts.

And inside the package was hand-woven ear rings, a wooden bottle opener, Rwandan tea and coffee.

After leaving my wool bundles processing about 5 days I opened them, they came out so nice. The fabric was premordanted with alum, then while I was up camping on the Tahquamenon river I soaked the fabric in the river water overnight, the water has a high concentrate of tannin from all the roots of the trees along the river (that's why the water falls are copper color) and I think the tannin helped capture the leaves colors beautifully. From left to right-sumac, oak, and white birch. Someday they will be cut up and used in a quilt.
Tomorrow I leave for a week on another quilt retreat with my other quilt bee I belong to, we rented a little cottage on a waterway that runs into Lake Michigan. Their should be a lot of beautiful scenery to see and a lot of beautiful quilts made. See you next week!

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Deb H said...

I love how the wool turned out Kathy! When we were in Seattle, I noticed how theleaves had stained the sidewalks, & thought of you & your fabric. Our leaves are all buried in snow now!

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