Monday, October 4, 2010

Home from Florida

I arrived in Florida and off we went to the ocean. The water was warm and the waves were high due to all the hurricans out in the ocean. The boys loved jumping and playing in the water.

OK, they really loved it, we spent two days playing in the waves.

We also took a few hikes. I love the hanging moss.

My favorite purple berries were out in all their splender.

While I sewed on my wool house quilt block the little one sewed little pouches for their "silly bands". I cut them out of red polar fleese, they sewed up the sides and a button on top.
The necklas around my neck I made in the early 1970's. My daughter had it in her sewing box after finding it in mine.

Everyone sewing with their glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirts on. I bought them and also Halloween pj bottoms. We decorated the house and celebrated Halloween the whole time I was there.

My daughter's friend brought this throw home for her from Saudi Arabia.

I don't believe it was made there, it has some beautiful hand work.

Back home looking out my dye studio window with the last flowers of summer.

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Deb H said...

The boys are all getting so big. I lovehw tey want t sew with you. So cute! Looks like a fun trip Grandma!

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