Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn on Lake Superior

Last week my husband and I packed our R.V. and went camping in the Upper Peninsula. You know your almost there when you see the Mackinaw Bridge.

Our first campsite was on the Straits of Mackinaw. The coast is so rocky compared to ours back home.

When we arrived a storm was coming in over the tree tops. Nothing better than sleeping in a camper while it's raining.

The rose hips were beautiful.

Our next campsite was on the Tahquamenon River (it runs into Lake Superior). We love to camp off season, you get the best campsites and hardly any other campers.

The leaves were in full color, perfect for hiking.

On one of our long hikes, tucked in the woods was this large moss patch. I climbed in through the branches to take some pictures. The moss was so thick and squishy, I don't think another human had ever walked on it.

There were wintergreen plants,

and tiny spruce trees,

and wonderful mushrooms. It was so magical looking, I expected to see faries or elves living there.

Early morning looking out of our camper at the fog on the river.

We hiked part of "The North Trail" along Lake Superior. This trail goes from New York to North Dakota.

The leaves were drifting along the shoreline.

What a picture they made.

As we hiked I collected leaves to play with printing them on wool, oak.

And white birch. I bundled and steamed them, now there waiting to be unwrapped. I'll show you how they turned out next week.

For my "family tree" quilt the lattice strips between the house blocks will have on them the hobbies and favorite past times of the family members. While on our vacation I cut and appliqued the first strip. This is my families hobbies, my mom was always a "sun worshiper" and loves to read. My dad loved to fish and hunt for mushrooms. And he always took us all camping. I still have to embroidery in the names and details.

This is how it will look with my childhood home. The blue lattice strip will be embroidered with my dads Navel history. The "yard" of the house which I already embroidered with the family births, deaths etc. I covered with chunks of fabric for some privacy on this big world wide theater!

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Deb H said...

Wow Kathy, the pictures are great!
the camping trip sounds wondeful. I wish we could've one with you! I really love the mushrooms among the fuzzy green plants. It does look like a fairy shouldb there!

The wool quiltis going to be spectacular. You put such heart & soul into every piece!

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