Thursday, September 9, 2010

Magical streams

Over the holiday weekend I packed a picnic lunch and my husband and I went "two-tracking"
up north through the woods. We had our lunch at this magical little spot along a creek. The moss and ferns were beautiful.

A perfect spot for elves and fairies!

And look at this fallen log filled with different lichens

So much inspiration, I collected a few old lichen fill sticks to dye fabric with at home.

A few more miles along we found this large stream, these are the tree roots growing over the water. and the tree perfectly healthy. My husband watching the flying geese.

A beautiful woodland plant called cardinal flower.

I don't know the name of this woodland plant, I've really never seen it before. If anyone has any idea please let me know.

Back home in the dye studio, I wrapped silk around the lichen stick and some silk with red maple leaves around a birch stick. Steamed them awhile, now setting in plastic bags processing. we'll see what kind of prints I get in a week.

This is the beginning of the next "family tree" house block. This was my husbands mothers child home. I love they had a outhouse, but that was quite a long walk in the night. None of it is sewed on yet, when it's finished there will be a lot more detail, the yard will have lilacs on the left side of the house and a big tree on the right.

My friend Deb brought me this wonderful warty pumpkin, it fits right in with my sweet potato vine.
And speaking of pumpkins this will be my last blog until the beginning of October, I'm leaving for Florida to spend some time with family. I'll be back in time to enjoy all Michigan has to offer in the fall. I'll see you then.


Vicki W said...

Every time I see photos like that it reminds me that I want to do a quilt in greens with gray and black.

T said...

beautiful creek photos here, and that bundle looks so promising too.


Melodie said...

I got one of those pumpkins too. They were called 'knuckle heads!'

Deb H said...

I love the tree with all the fungus! What a great pictre!

Have fun with the kids!

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