Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Herb Festival

Our local health food store Utopian Marketplace had their 1st. annual Herb Festival last Saturday. Along with lectures, food samples from their deli, live music, and many demonstrations they asked me to demonstrate natural fabric dying. This is the back of their store with an outside deck that looks over their new big herb garden. (I forgot to take a picture of it), but I did take pictures of some of the neat things in the garden!

Along the path through the herbs they have these wonderful rocks laid out like the Sun. I can see this in my back yard coming soon.

Another Sun.

And a great bottle tree to catch the bad spirits.

Clever bird bath with stones in it.

This was my booth with 2 stoves and 4 pots of dye. I used onion skins, carrot tops, chamomile, and black walnuts to dye wool yarn. I wanted to use plants that are grown in our area. I had a little table also with some of my fabric and yarns I had previously dyed. And my herb quilt.
Herb, earthy people were very interested in natural dying. I did not sit down all day and many were interested in taking a natural dye workshop this summer.

The table covering I bought when I was in Peru going down the Amazon, it was natural dyed by the Natives living along the Amazon.

My vase of flowers on my table was very popular also, my husband made the birch bark vase and everyone loved it. The rose and greens came from my yard and the rest I picked up at the farmers market.

These are the most beautiful double layer bell shape flowers, ( I haven't had time to look up their name). Oh and the picture is upside down.

I wanted to show you some of the pots on their deck, they were filled with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This green was kale mixed with pansies.

More pots filled with herbs and flowers.

Most everything was edible in the pots.

A pot of cabbage and herbs, and other with herbs and sunflowers (I don't think the sunflowers are edible).

These were beautiful pots with sage and different herbs. There was a lot of great ideas for pots instead of using the traditional annual flowers.

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