Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camping in Michigan

My daughter and grand kids are home, we've packed up the trailers and went out to the campground. The kids are so excited they love camping. We have no t.v., DVDs, electronic games or radio, and everyone is having a wonderful time. This is a picture of our beautiful lake shore. We spend every afternoon here. (I had to come into work for a couple hours, we're very blessed to live 15 minutes from the campground, so while I'm here I thought I'd send out a blog).

Our campsites are right along this beautiful creek that empties into Lake Michigan.

When were not at the lake the boys are playing in the creek. One of the twins is learning to balance on the logs.

Big turtles hiding among the logs.

Swallow tail butterfly's land along the beach and "eat" from one of the minerals in the wet sand.

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Deb H said...

I do miss warm camping, with nice sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, & stars at night. The boys are growning up so fast.

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