Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frog Pond

After spending a sunny day at the beach on the first day of summer, we went back to our camp site and I made this sun block to go in my "earth quilt" (using my hand dyed background, my hand stamped and dye painted nubby silk and hand woven sun's rays from Guatemala). After the beautiful day that night we had thunder storms and heavy rain (I love to sleep in the camper during a storm).

The next morning the twins made "stormy" pictures with my wool scraps and glue I brought out camping. They love to draw but this was a little harder, just cutting out pictures without drawing it first.

This first picture is a lightning storm with a tree, alligator, and a snake and red clouds.

The second twin working away. I was loving it!!!

And his picture, mountains (he found the precut triangles in my scraps) with two suns, a fence and lightning coming out of the clouds.

Little brother made one later (no picture of him). The big red spot in the middle with the yellow side is a lightning bug they learned about at the children's program with the rangers. They have the best nature programs for kids.

One day we went hiking and found this wonderful frog pond. (I've camped here off and on for 25 years and am still discovering new places). This pond was full of croaking frogs, turtles and most likely snakes. They set about trying to catch one of the frogs.

They found it wasn't easy, the frog would swim or jump away. We had a lot of wet and muddy shoes by the time they were done.
But in the end they caught one, which after everyone looked at it and watched it hop they put it back in the pond.

It made a nice idea for the next block in my earth quilt, not finished.

And the last sunset of our camping trip, but the kids are still here for two more weeks and we have a lot more nature exploring to do. Maybe a few more quilt blocks will come out of it.


Deb H said...

The wool blocks are all great. Are you going to stitch thm into pillows or quilts for them now?

The frog pond looks like one we found there years ago. My kids loved camping there too.

Melodie said...

I love camping in the rain too! If it rains during the day I'll lay down with a book!!
I love watching the kids discover too! I've learned so much from my grandbabies!!

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