Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas memories

We drove 2 days to our daughters house, slept a few hours along the way, unpacked when we arrived and a few hours later began mixing up cookie dough for cut out cookies (no time to waste, we only had 2 weeks). Have you ever mixed up a batch of cookie dough with 3 toddlers helping? Not sure how they would taste, the cookies not the kids! (I do look a bit tired)

The next morning up early and start cookie baking.

Big brother loved cutting out and decorating the cookies long after the little ones tired of it.

Some put more sprinkles in their mouth than on the cookies.

Littlest brother helped too, also ate his share of sprinkles, by the end you couldn't shake out the sprinkles the holes were licked shut!

Anxiously waiting for the cookies to bake.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor.

They have a wonderful orange tree in their yard. Grandpa took them out picking.

Little brother thought the tree was to hide under.

Peeling and eating with grandpa.

The next day we went for a wonderful hike at a state park near their home. Their favorite uncle hiked with us. Everyone had to have a hiking stick that they thought were "light sabers" from Star Wars.

This is a beautiful hike through a lot of little lakes with tropical trees and Spanish moss hanging.

A turtle trying to warm himself in the sun.

The next day shell collecting at the ocean.

It was crisp but beautiful.

We walked the beach looking for treasures, lots of beautiful shells to take home.

His own pile to look through until the waves came up over the shoes

Big brother played football with his uncle.

A great day at the beach!


Melodie said...

It doesn't look like Christmas! When we lived in Fla, I put spray snow on the outside of the windows (thinking I could hose it off after) but the sun baked the design into the glass! It never did come off!!
You do a great job of blogging! I love looking at it/reading it!

Vicky said...

I miss being there for Christmas. It looks like you had a great time baking cookies and going hiking. Melissa tells me you all had a good time and enjoyed having everyone there. Can't wait for camping this summer!

Deb H said...

The boys are all getting so big, & they are so darned CUTE! Looks like they all had a great time with their Sunshine & Grandpa John!

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