Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have always been a "tree lover" and enjoy the different types where ever I travel.

On one of our hikes in Florida we came across this old, old tree called Live Oak. The boys were in awe of its size.

My oldest grandson climbed it as I'm sure hundreds of kids have done before. It was beautiful with the Spanish moss hanging.

We left Northern Florida and went further South to a more tropical area to spend some time with my parents. In their area there is a large variety of palm trees. On one of our walks I photographed some of them. This is a banana tree with a little bunch of bananas ripening, the long stalk hanging will open into a flower.

Coconuts ripening in another type of palm.

I don't know the name of this palm, but I love how all the foliage is on the tops of the branches. It has great structure.

At the top of this tall pine were a pair of osprey making a nest. The pine needles are very long and perfect for pine needle baskets. I made one years ago but did not enjoy making it, but I do love the bakets.

Look at the center of this hibiscus plant, it was a surreal hot pink with 5 little nodes.

And one more of natures "bubble gum" colors, this purple bush. Not sure of its name, I wish I could get that color out of it in a dye pot but I don't think that's going to happenn with this bush.

This is what the whole bush looks like, mixed in with Spanish moss. (this was taken in Northern Florida).

This pelican landed in my parents yard next to their pond while I was throwing bread crumbs to the fish. He stayed a while eyeing the fish.

And of course we can't forget the palm trees lit up in their Christmas finery.

A yard full reflecting on the pond.

To my friends who follow this blog, I try to update once a week, Tuesday or Wednesday. Next week I will get back to some textile fun!


Melodie said...

When we lived in FL, a neighbor had cows. Every once in awhile they would escape and come into our yard and eat the spanish moss! They seemed to love it!

Deb H said...

Beautiful pictures Kathy. I love the Ospreys. Wow, so close!

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